Instructions to follow before having wisdom teeth removed:

There is not much to do, except to eat before the procedure.

1- Eat a good meal before coming to the office, as this will be your last real meal of the day.

2- Buy 2 boxes of ice-cream. This is what you will be eating after the procedure.

3- Music – before the procedure you will be asked what kind of music you enjoy – so please think of what kind of music you like.

4- Nothing else. The procedure itself does not hurt as much as you think. The pain comes later, three days after the procedure, to be exact.

5- You will be receiving a prescription at the office for pain medicine, so that you will be able to handle the week that follows

What to expect after wisdom teeth Extractions:

The procedure itself does not hurt.

Whether one tooth is removed, or all four wisdom teeth are removed, you can expect the same level of pain and the same medications will have to be taken.

As long as you keep ice on the area, there will be minimal amount of pain.

I therefore suggest you have the procedure done when you can be home for two days, and stay home with the ice packs on the area..

You can expect to be in pain for 1 week, usually from day # 3 to day #7 from the procedure.

There is a possibility that you can have swelling up to two weeks.

Therefore, I do not suggest having any extractions done within 2 weeks of any kind of wedding pictures or airplane flights.

After two weeks, you should have zero pain, however, the area will take 3 months to fully heal.

לפני מועד התור:

נא לקנות 2 חבילות גלידה

לא צריך לפחד מהעקירה זה לא כואב בזמן הטיפול הכאבים מגיעים 3 ימים אחרי וינתנו לכם משכחי כאבים ותרופות.

ביום של התור:

לאכול ארוחה גדולה לפני כי אחרי העקירה מותר לאכול רק גלידה.

אתם תקבלו מרשמים מהרופא אחרי העקירה.


נחל לכיש 40 רמת בית שמש א’

כניסה פרטית בצד ימין בתוך “למען אחי”

תחבורה: תחנת אוטובוס : נחל שורק / נחל נחשון

אוטובוס # 11, 11א, 14, 15, 22, 417

לרדת תחנה אחת אחרי בר כל.

What our patients say

I was very nervous about removing my wisdom teeth. I had heard so many horror stories. My dentist said that I have a bad infection on my gums near my wisdom teeth and she recommended taking out all 4 of them!! She told me I should go Dr Katz so I took her advice. Dr. Katz was very responsive as soon as I reached out to him. I was very pleasantly surprised that the procedure was barely painful and that the recovery was very smooth. Dr. Katz explained every step very clearly and gave the best tips and advise possible! I highly recommend Dr. Katz
My daughter had all four of her wisdom teeth out about 6 months ago. When she was very young, she needed extensive dental treatment, and she was traumatized. The thought of having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled was terrifying for her. I received a large number of recommendations for Dr. Katz. From the start, he was kind, supportive and prepared us for what to expect. He kept repeating that it would not be painful, which was hard to believe. On the day, my daughter was petrified. Dr. Katz and his assistant were reassuring and knew exactly how to handle the situation. With music in the background, I saw my daughters hands relax during the procedure, which took only about an hour. On the way out, she mumbled (anesthesia) that they were so nice! After the procedure, Dr. Katz was available to answer all questions, with kindness and patience. I highly recommend Dr. Katz!I highly recommend Dr. Katz
Having one's wisdom teeth removed would not be on my Top Ten list of fun activities. However, when Dr. Katz removed our son's wisdom teeth the process was so quick and painless that my son was almost completely back to himself within a very short time and able to resume full activities. Besides for being surprised with how quick and painless the process and recovery were for my son, I was equally surprised when Dr. Katz called us the evening after the extraction to see how my son was feeling and if we had any questions. While I still would not add wisdom tooth extraction to our Top Ten list of fun activities. I would definitely add Dr. Katz to our top ten list of excellent and kind dentists in the Beit Shemesh area.
Getting my wisdom teeth out wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated. Before he started, Dr. Katz explained everything. I followed Dr. Katz’s instructions and he was right. The procedure didn’t hurt at all. I kept the ice packs on for three days and I was basically back to normal with barely any discomfort or swelling. 
Two of our children needed to have their wisdom teeth removed. Our dentist recommended Dr. Katz. The price was right and we got so many recommendations from people who had used him. We were thrilled !! Dr Katz' calm demeanor and expertise kept our children relaxed during the entire procedures. He explained clearly what he was doing and worked quickly and skillfully.
I was extremely nervous to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed. But to my surprise, the experience was easy and the recovery process was amazing! It was the best possible experience I could have hoped for. Thank you Dr. Katz for your amazing work.
Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. Thank you for your concern and for squeezing him in for an emergency surgery TODAY, and not allowing to suffer. We very much appreciate all that you did for him. May Hashem repay you tenfold for all the wonderful wisdom and kindness that you share and bestow upon others. May Hashem grant you continued Hatzlacha and Bracha in all that you do
J & R
I have no words to Thank You. For your respect, dedication, reliability, and professionalism, but above all your “Personal Touch”. Thank you for your willingness to help at any moment. May G-D give you everything that you need and may you merit to see all his good deeds in this world. I can't thank you enough,
לכבוד ד"ר כ"ץ אין לי מילים להודות לך על ההבנה, המסירות, האמינות, והמקצועיות אבל בעיקר האנושיות תודה על הזמינות והמוכנות לעזור בכל רגע אתה רופא, רב, מלאך, ויהודי קדוש ה' יתן לך כל מה שאתה צריך מעריך בלי סוף יונה
I had a Great experience !
I am happy that I can share with others how easy the procedure was.
I recommend Dr. Katz.
I highly recommend Dr. Katz!!!
Thank you so much for taking excellent care in removing my son's wisdom teeth. We were so impressed . Everything was explained and the post care was Great. We especially liked the home care video.